Youth Justice

     The Youth Justice Program consists of three central components: Case Aide Worker, Community Service Work and Intensive Supervision and Support. The Case Aide Worker provides short term assistance to youth so that they may remain in their community while receiving assistance with individual goals, needs and requirements. During this time they will be encouraged and guided to develop positive and wholesome lifestyle skills that can be beneficial throughout their years. The Case Aide Worker can also help youth that have been removed or estranged from their families by assisting in reestablishing those broken relations. The worker can also provide assistance for youth who want to make the transition to living on their own. This program also helps youth to fulfill their Community Service Work obligations by offering safe service work opportunities within the Friendship House or in several other not for profit community organizations. The Intensive Supervision and Support program (ISSP) strives to support referred youth by offering support activities, supervision and supporting the youth's participation in other skills programing; either voluntary or required. Some ISSP support activities examples are: assistance in obtaining a driver's learners license, resume writing and filling out job applications either hard copy or electronic. Overall the Youth Justice Program provides help in solving barriers with desired outcomes by providing pro-social and cultural activities. Some of the past year's cultural activities included: fish jarring with the elders, cooking traditional foods and participating in such crafts as creating dream catchers, medicine bags and beading. The Youth Justice Program receives referrals from the Youth Probation Officer.

Contact: Alayna Brown

Phone: (250) 627-1717  Ext. 16



The Youth Justice Program is funded by the Province of British Columbia.

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