SeaFest 2019

This year "Happy Pirates of the Pacific" had been selected as the theme which proved very popular judging from the excellent float entries. After I was informed of the new theme and that we had made a float entry for the parade, I decided to step aside and let someone else design and build the float. That is, until the youth suggested that we enter the Iron Fleet from Game of Thrones. Now this I definitely could not resist (being a big Game of Thrones fan like everyone else). So on Saturday June the 8th Euron Greyjoy's ship the "Silence" had been sighted sailing down 2nd and 3rd Avenue along with a couple of the Iron Fleet's other ships as escorts (baby strollers from Preschool and other programs decorated as pirate ships). Maybe it was a bit of a stretch having the Iron Fleet in the Happy Pirates of the Pacific but we couldn't resist due to the final season of Game of Thrones being aired just a couple weeks earlier. So, after everyone's efforts and with thanks to the parade judges we managed to place first in the Community class.

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